Our Services

WorldWide Media Languages was born in Bolzano from the collaboration of linguistic professionals with long professional experience and is much more than a translation agency. We are specialized in the translation of technical, administrative and legal texts (with relative certification) in the main European and world languages, simultaneous interpreting and negotiation.

Business Translations

The development of commercial agreements or the communication exchanges with international partners involves a series of rather delicate negotiations. This procedure requires a rapid and effective communication service, one of the specialties of WorldWideMedia Languages, which for many years has been a reliable partner alongside companies, in order to optimize these phases, a prelude to profitable global collaborations.

Marketing material

Marketing magazines, brochures, online marketing, books, commercial texts, brands and logos.

Literary Translations

With a growing network of collaborators, our literary translation service can currently count on a network of freelance translators residing in every part of the world. Our literary translators are professionals with many years of experience in their fields, able to take care of every type of translation in the sector.

Legal Translations

Thanks to our expertise in the field of texts with legal content, in addition to the linguistically flawless formulation, we also guarantee the necessary content accuracy.

For over 10 years, our team of expert legal translators, coming from states, legal systems and different branches, effectively translate complex legal texts.


Web Site Localization

All translations can be carried out on text files, Excel or HTML, always taking into account the cultural differences (trans-creation and localization), as well as the linguistic accuracy that distinguishes us.

Medical Translations

 The translation of texts in the scientific sector requires special attention. The in-depth knowledge of the subject, an accurate quality control and the use of a specific vocabulary are just some of the requisites required by pharmaceutical translations and for the biomedical sector.

WorldWideMedia Languages can count on professional translators, trained in scientific subjects, who translate exclusively for this sector into their mother tongue.

Sworn Translations

WorldWideMedia Languages  has a broad experience in the field of sworn translations and has been collaborating for years with the Court Registry, the Justice of the Peace and the Public Prosecutor's Office for all the procedures of asseveration and legalization.

Newspaper articles

WorldWideMedia Languages is an agency specialized in journalistic translation services based in Bolzano, at the crossroads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean Area, a land that has always had its strong point in multilingual communication.

Whenever there is an opportunity we offer our customers fresh and colloquial content, but without compromising professionalism. This lighter approach has allowed us to develop a selected portfolio of translations for specific sectors also for the tourism segment and for the sector of communication agencies. 


Sometimes there is the need of more than a simple translation. We must make sure that your text is appropriate for the market you want to bet on. We provide location services for all types of content.