Sworn translations are our main services.

The sworn translation is necessary when an Italian document must be enforced abroad or when, vice versa, an official document issued abroad must be used in Italy. Our agency is specialized in the field of sworn translations.

We provide our services in almost all world languages.



The oath that the translator lends is also called TRANSLATION ASSESSMENT and is in effect a sworn appraisal and must be accompanied by the necessary revenue stamps. In this way, a sworn translation - which in Italy is known as a sworn translation - becomes an official translation. The sworn statement is only part of the procedure, which is why it usually has a separate cost. A specific type of this type of service is the translation of legal and notary decrees and deeds.

  • The sworn translations of WorldWideMedia Languages are performed at the appraisal and translation service of the Court of Bolzano.
  • Our legalized translation agency can deliver your sworn translations wherever you are, in every Italian city and abroad.
  • The translation of the translation is valid, therefore, throughout the national territory and outside Italy. Our customers are in all Italian cities and in many countries of the world.