Collaboration opportunities for Translators

Are you looking for a company that understands your professionalism? Don't look any further, send us your application.

My name is Luisa Pesarin and my background is that of a translator / interpreter. I have experienced and know well the joys and disappointments that this sector presents. We at WorldWideMedia Languages understand your experience, but we also understand that you are not our employee and that at any time you can be in collaboration with other customers.

  • We want to work with excellent freelancers like you. If this system is applied correctly it can be beneficial to all those involved. You can work in the translation branch from anywhere in the world and you won't have to go to the office every day. For our part, we will have the opportunity to offer top quality translations from every part of the world and not just from our office.
  • After being a candidate by sending us an email with your CV, your information will be collected in our database. So if we need translators for the languages you know, we will contact you to make a short test translation. From that moment on we will both be able to assess whether it is appropriate to collaborate.

We will contact you only when we need you for a translation project. We cannot guarantee that we will need you for a project in the languages you are dealing with within a specific time, but we will keep your contact information indefinitely, so you will not need to register any more.


Thank you for your interest in working with us!


Luisa Pesarin